Shoe Care

Thank you for choosing Rosina Savage footwear. All of our footwear has been designed and hand personalised with the finest materials which need to be handled with extra care. Please do read through our after care instructions to ensure that you are caring for your shoes in the correct way.


All feathers are delicate and require gentle care. Do not wear in wet conditions such as rain or snow, however if you do unexpectedly get caught in light showers simply dry the affected area with a hair dryer on a low cold setting. Once the feathers are completely dry gently shake to remove any dust and to restore them back to there natural fluffiness, this method works best on marabou and ostrich feathers. If your footwear is designed with stiffer feathers such as rooster or goose, dry them in the same way as the fluffy feathers but remove any dust with a small soft bristled brush, very gently stroke the feathers to loosen anything that may be stuck, a toothbrush will do the trick or alternatively use your finger tips but be sure not to pull on any of the feathers as this will cause them break or bend.

Do not leave your feathered footwear in direct sunlight or near radiators as the natural light will cause them to fade in colour and high temperatures could make them peel or loosen.

Avoid contact with moisturiser and perfumes, wash your hands before handling your feathered footwear as creams will cause the feathers to become clumpy and oily.   


Rosina Savage uses a variety of crystals including rhinestones and Swarovski elements in many colours, shapes and sizes, although the difference between the two the after care process requires the same maintenance. You will find that rhinestones are held into place by alloy claws that will usually come in the form of a motif or trim and Swarovski elements are singular crystals that are placed one by one.

To clean the crystals simply use a lint free cloth and gently polish each crystal individually, use a circular motion, do not scrub as this will loosen the stones. If you want to brighten up your crystals to maintain there original shine use a damp cloth and glass cleaner. Spray the glass cleaner on to the cloth not directly onto the shoes, again use circular motions on each individual crystal, this will also remove any dust that may have got stuck. Dry immediately by dabbing the wet areas with a dry cloth or use a hair dryer on a low cold setting.


The specific fur that is used on Rosina Savage footwear has been treated and dyed before being applied. If the fur gets wet allow it to dry naturally at room temperature, do not apply any heat or leave near radiators as this will cause the fur to droop. Once the fur is completely dry you can give your shoes a gentle shake to bring them back to there original fullness. Naturally fur will sometimes shed hairs, avoid pulling or brushing them, alternatively you can very lightly smooth the fur hairs with your hands. When storing your shoes be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight.


Like all other materials used for Rosina Savage footwear, netting is very delicate. Avoid brushing your shoes on sharp edges such and escalators or chairs as this may cause the fabric to tear, once the netting has been damaged it is not possible to repair. If you find dust or dirt caught on the fabric very gently dab with a dry lint free cloth, to support the fabric hold your hand or finger on the bottom of the fabric whilst cleaning the surface. Netting is made from nylon and is hand dyed, when your shoes are not in use keep them out of direct sunlight as this will cause the colour to fade. To keep your shoes in shape, carefully stuff them with acid free paper, your shoes will arrive pre stuffed so be sure to keep the paper safe to add back into your shoes before they are stored.


Rosina Savage incorporate many different types of ribbons into our shoes which include satin, grosgrain and organza, they all require the same amount of TLC. Ribbons are prone to collect dust and stains so be sure to handle them with clean hands, if for any reason they do become dirty simply use lukewarm water and a lint free cloth, gently rub over the marked area. If the stain remains add one drop of baby shampoo to the water, dip the cloth and drain, continue to gently rub any remaining marks. Carefully roll the ribbon in a towel and dab to absorb any excess water then leave to dry at room temperature.


Ruffles are made from organza, a thin weaved, sheer fabric. If ruffles become dusty brush them lightly with your finger tips assuring not to pull the material when doing so. To remove marks that may appear on the ruffles from wear, gently wipe in the direction of the weaved thread to ensure you do not damage the fabric, using a damp lint free cloth. Allow them to dry naturally at room temperature, do not apply heat as this will cause the ruffles to misshape.


Barley twist rope is a strong woven cord that must be handled lightly. Twisted ropes are made up of lots of tiny threads that may catch dust in between them. Gently dab a wet cloth over the rope to remove any caught dust fragments or simply use a lint roller over the material. Do not rub the rope as this will cause the fine threads to move out of place. Always go in the direction of the thread.

All ropes have been added to Rosina Savage footwear by hand, Although they are strong do not pull on the ropes as this will cause them to loosen.

When storing very carefully wrap the ropes around the shoes to avoid them catching on anything.

Genuine leather:

All of Rosina Savage footwear come complete with hand cut genuine leather insoles. After the wear of your shoes the leather may become dusty and dirty, to remove any dirt that may be stuck use a tooth brush, the bristles will work as a lint brush, it is small enough to get into all of the corners inside the shoes. Gently brush upwards, toe to heel and turn the shoe upside down to allow the excess dust to fall out and stick to the bristled brush ends.

Some of Rosina Savage other styles have genuine leather closures and backings for crystals, use the same cleaning method as the insoles on the tiny leather elements of your shoes.

Synthetic leather:

Synthetic leather shoes should be cleaned with a mixture of warm water and soap, you can use a mild dish soap or hand soap whichever is preferred. Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Leave to dry naturally at room temperature. Be sure your shoes are thoroughly dry before wearing them.

Synthetic suede leather

If you find stains on your synthetic suede shoes simply spot clean the stains with soapy water. Apply a small bit of soapy water to the fabric with a lint free cloth or sponge, gently dab the area. Do not rub hard as this may cause the colour to fade. Once you have dabbed the stain with the wet cloth do the same with a dry lint free cloth and again with the wet cloth, repeat this process until the stain is removed. Allow the stains to dry naturally at room temperature. Once completely dry carefully brush the synthetic suede with a suede brush to raise the nap.

Synthetic patent leather:

Patent leather is super shiny and can easily get marks and scuffs after wear. Very carefully clean the affected area with a sponge and soapy water. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. If the stains remain Rosina Savage advises taking your footwear to a professional shoe cobbler to remove any unwanted marks.

Heel care:

Heel tips are provided to you with most of Rosina Savage footwear. Do not allow them to wear down too much as this will affect the heel. When your heel tips need replacing take your footwear to a professional shoe cobblers along with the heel tips provided.


All of Rosina Savage footwear comes with protective shoe bags to keep your footwear safe when you are not wearing them.


If you have any further questions regarding the care of your footwear please contact us via email: